Eskape Mate has a top tier team of security analysts, hackers, and forensic professionals. Our group offers security and investigative services to businesses of all kinds. We employ some of the best cyber talent in the world. Let us solve your next major challenge, or better yet, keep you from having one in the first place. 

Open Source Intelligence

Providing web discovery services, and combining that capability with our threat intelligence network. Our comprehensive reports can give organizations the insight they need on staff, competitors, event based data, even themselves.

Network Security

We believe the ultimate combination of onboard tools, coupled with 24/7 access to trained staff focused solely on the end user'sā€™ network security is the best way to combat the complex challenges of cyber security. 


Eskape Mate provides investigative services centered around device forensics, surveillance, even corporate penetration. Tell us what you need to find out, you might be surprised by how easy it is for us to find for you.